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By advertising in CAPO School Life, (the CUSD flyer booklet), you directly help us support the various funding needs within the schools such as music programs, technical equipment, fields trips, after-school programs and teacher training.

The foundation offers businesses and organizations that serve families in Capistrano Unified School District a unique and exclusive opportunity to reach out to our 32 elementary schools across 7 cities with 21,000 students.

This year, we are expanding our flyer booklet with the help of our new publisher, Community Services Network (CSN). We are excited to work with the professionals at CSN to build the flyer booklet as a strong resources for the parents, teachers and students of CUSD.

For details regarding pricing and deadlines to submit ads, please download the Flyer Booklet Request Form. You may also reach out to our account representative, Tanner McCall, by email at [email protected] or by phone at (949) 689-0590.


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