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An Important Message from CUSD Foundation President, Larned B. Fowler

It has come to my attention that there is some community concern that the CUSD Foundation is involved with and allegedly supports Measure M (facilities improvement bond). I would like to clarify matters and put an end to these unfortunate and inaccurate rumors. The Foundation's sole and overriding focus is to enhance and enrich the academic lives of the approximate 49,000 students within the Capistrano Unified School District through a partnership with local business leaders, educators, and the like.

The Foundation has absolutely no involvement with Measure M nor does the Foundation have any position whatsoever on Measure M.

Larned B. Fowler
The CUSD Foundation


All Tournament Proceeds will be used for
Science and Technology Spaces!

OCTOBER 6, 2016

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CUSD – Crowd watching kids singing- Sup Reception

Make a difference today.

The CUSD Foundation unites the schools, community and businesses to help make a difference by creating better opportunities and success for every student in the Capistrano Unified School District.

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CUSD – Balloon Launch

Capistrano Unified School District’s math, science, and PE teachers are
grateful for the support provided by the CUSD Foundation to sponsor
the ‘Science of Baseball’ training in February 2015. A number of teachers who
attended the training are implementing the lessons with their students,
and many other teachers are looking forward to future trainings.

Dave Chamberlain | Orange County Teacher of the Year


Welcome to Capistrano Unified School District Foundation

welcomeimgThe CUSD Foundation unites the schools, community and businesses to help make a difference by creating better opportunities and success for every student.

Working together as a community provides an example to the students and teachers of the collective effort to support their success and to support CUSD being the best district in the nation. Our foundation financially supports educators who pursue innovative approaches that advance student achievement helping prepare students for college and their career paths in the 21st century.

CUSD has strength in numbers with over 53,000 students with 63 campuses covering 195 square miles in seven cities and a portion of the unincorporated area in Orange County. With strength in numbers also comes the challenge to unite all the various communities associated with these numbers.

CUSD is the only non-profit foundation that raises funds for all CUSD schools and students allowing for partnerships with the width and depth to cover the entire district while supporting the individual clubs.


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